Prairie Pastures Dog Park

The entrance to Prairie Pastures Dog Park is from inside Eagle Point Park, in Clinton, Iowa.  Our park is open daily from 8 am until dusk.  Day Passes are $3 for the first dog and $1 for each additional dog.  Memberships are available...honor box and membership forms available on site.

You and your canine buddy can enjoy over 8 acres of off-leash adventures at our nationally recognized Prairie Pastures Dog Park.  We have something for every dog -- small dogs, older dogs and adventuresome dogs!  

Prairie Pastures Dog Park

Prairie Pastures is a unique, one-of-a-kind dog park experience.  It is located on the site of an old zoo, which offers unusual structures and varied terrain, including a swimming pond.  Our park is very expansive. The terrain, structures and vegetation amplify that spaciousness by providing visual and sound barriers, which give the dogs the choice of exploring alone or playing with others.  There are also many different gated sections giving plenty of separate areas to meet everyone’s individual needs, especially senior dogs and citizens.  

Take Route 67 north or North 3rd Street, following the signs, for Eagle Point Park.  Once you turn into Eagle Point Park, follow the road to the right and you will see Prairie Pastures Dog Park on the right. 

Our park is supported and maintained entirely thru the effort of our members and sponsors.  Every aspect of maintaining our park is done by members and volunteers.   Please help by always picking up after your dog. Also, if you see a pile someone missed, please pick it up.  Membership dues, day passes and donations keep this park running, as we receive no other  financial assistance.  Please help in any way you can.  We pride ourselves on our fantastic park and our responsible pet owners; together we can make this the best dog park in Iowa and beyond.  Enjoy!