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Eagle Point Park Lodge

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  • Occupancy Limit: 299 
  • Air climate controlled. 
  • Hours Available Friday - Sunday: 8am-11pm 
  • Hours Available Monday - Thursday: 8am-9pm 
  • Parking Spaces Available: 85 parking spaces, plus 6 handicap parking spaces
  • Wi-Fi is available.


On any single given day or overnight, once a user takes possession of the facility for the day, the rental period is continuous until the end of that day. If the user wants to ·split shift', for example decorating in the morning for a couple hours, then returning later that day for the event, or decorate on Day l and have the event on Day 2, the rental charges are continuous for the entire day. (A day is defined as starting at 10am and ending at 9pm). If you wish to get in prior to your event to decorate, or have access for caterers of DJ's these times must be included in the rental. Times also much include any delivery/pick up of materials/equipment (including 3rd party borrowed/rental items.) 

Staff is on-site during event. PA: Voice/Background music only, not usable for formalized music 


Payment in full secures reservation.


  • By appointment
  • 3-hour minimum for rentals
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: $75 an hour 
  • Weekdays (Monday - Thursday): $50 and hour

Lodge closed on: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's, Easter and other days as needed. 


  • $100-$300. 
  • If all contract conditions have been fully met, full Security/Damage Deposit will be returned by mail within 4-6 weeks of rental. 
  • Charges that may be levied against the deposit include, but are not limited to: subpar cleanup, damages, time, tape on walls, ceilings and/or pillars, not leaving facility at ending time of rental, equipment or facility use beyond original request, rented equipment left after rental, prohibited alcohol consumed on premises, items under Specific Usage not followed and at discretion of Director. 


  • In Full: 90 days or more prior to event minus $25 cancellation fee
  • Cancellation less than 90 days: no refund 


Change fee policy: $25 


  • Exit signs can't be covered. 
  • Freestanding decorations and ·wrapping of log pillars and overhead logs in the east bay are approved.
  • Arrangement of tables and chairs in the facility is the responsibility of the user. 
  • No small loose items on table. Must be contained in a container-marbles, glitter, beads, need to be contained. 
  • No "rice or confetti" decorations - birdseed for weddings is acceptable outside.
  • Exit doors can't be blocked by tables and chairs or any decorating items. 
  • This is a 6 ft. by 6 ft. box in front of each exit door and a straight walkway, not less than 4 feet wide into the room not less than 1/3 the distance across the room in any direction.
  • Smoking is prohibited at all indoor facilities and associated areas per the Iowa Smoke Free Air Act.
  • Staked tents are NOT PERMITTED on the outside grass. 
  • Tents on hard surfaces must be pre-authorized. 
  • Bounce Houses can be set up by the basketball courts with the rental of the Central Shelter.
  • No candles are allowed at the Lodge.

Alcohol Consumption

  • Beer, wine and canned cocktails are the only alcoholic beverages permitted by City ordinance or State law as follows: 
  • No hard liquor
  • Containers must be less than 32 oz. (no kegs/wine boxes)
  • Sales prohibited unless by lease & license.

End of Event Clean Up Responsibilities

  • Tables and chairs wiped down. 
  • 26 tables left in middle of room and 6 chairs on each table. 
  • Rest of chairs stacked and tables put in storage area. 
  • All trash in bags and used ice in sinks or dumped outside. 
  • If metal chairs were taken outside, they need to be brought inside and put on racks. 
  • All personal property must be out of Lodge by ending time of rental. 
  • Clean-up materials/equipment are provided. 
  • Clean up must be completed by end of event noted on the facility usage application. 
  • You will be given a checklist of items to be cleaned.


  • Various dimmable lighting schemes are available from "flood-style" to "atmosphere-style". (minimal lighting for safety)
  • All rented materials must be off property by the end of rental.


South fireplace is gas and can be used. North fireplace is real but only candles can be used. No live burnings.

Floor Size

100' x 54' [18' east wall to pillars (6 in all), 36' main area]. 

Ceiling Height

Main area - 16'; east bay- 15' sloping to 10'.

Catering Service Area

  • 20' by 17' with a separate exterior entry. 
  • Available equipment includes, sink, microwave, small refrigerator/freezer, commercial size refrigerator, 8 - 20 amp electrical circuits, and 3 rolling coolers (70 quarts each). Ice machine in the storage room

Electricity Interior

8-20 amp circuits in main hall. 

Crock pots can be used but know that they are part of the total electrical usage of the building.

Electricity Exterior

1 - 20 amp circuit on NW and SW comers of Lodge. 

Utility Pole

1 - 40 amp 220V and 2 20 amp 11 0V. 


  • 36 (thirty-six) 60" round (seats 6-8)
  • 8 (eight) 6' rectangular tables (30" wide)
  • 299 chairs
  • 2 Coat racks.

Tables and metal chairs can be used on the patio. Patio hold up to 250 metal chairs in theater style. 


299 padded, stackable chairs that are indoors usage only. 

If chairs are required for outdoor usage, there are 100 metal chairs available on site. 

Outdoor chairs stored inside and on racks as part of the clean-up.


  • Late November and December 
  • Christmas Decor in Lodge must stay intact.