Neighborhood Improvement Committee


The Neighborhood Improvement Committee was established to develop programs to incentivize property owners to invest in and improve existing housing  in the City of Clinton.

Membership and Term Length

Membership of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee shall consist of individuals representing as wide of a variety of community interests as possible. The Committee shall be comprised of 9 persons, each serving  a term of 6 years. The Mayor shall also appoint a Council Liaison to the Committee who shall ensure regular communication between the Committee and the Council.

Current Members

MemberTerm End Date
Chris Hansen3/10/2026
Hannah Peart3/10/2026
Barb Niedermeyer2/9/2028
Tom Koester2/9/2028
Dennis Lauver9/30/2025
Merle Lawrence1/26/2027
Kelly Schemers9/30/2025

Powers and Duties

  •  To make recommendations to the City Council regarding housing conditions and availability issues;
  •  To make recommendations to the City Council regarding incentive programs for housing development and redevelopment;
  •  To evaluate applications related to Community Development Block Grants; and
  •  To perform such other appropriate committee functions which are consistent with the Committee’s purpose. 

Property Improvement Award Nomination Form

The Property Improvement Program ("PIP") was created in 2020 to acknowledge and recognize property owners who have made significant improvements to their properties. As a way to show appreciation, three (3) residential PIP awards are given monthly through the months of May - September each year. Over the years, the Program has expanded to include businesses as well. One (1) business PIP award is given each month throughout the year. 

Residents are encouraged to nominate a family member, friend, neighbor or any property where significant improvements have occurred. Nominations and awards help encourage pride in ownership and boost the morale throughout the community!

Minutes Matter Campaign / Building Numbering

The Minutes Matter Campaign / Program was created in 2023 to encourage homeowners to have address numbers displayed on their homes. By doing so, this assists First Responders in finding the home in an emergency where "Minutes Matter".

Numbers are provided free of charge with the additional option to have a volunteer place the numbers on the home for the property owner. Those interested in obtaining house numbers can complete the Building Numbering Application Form to be added to the list.