Complaint / Compliment Form

The employees of the Clinton Police Department are committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. We celebrate your compliments and understand it is in the best interests of everyone that your complaints about the performance of an individual officer are resolved fairly and promptly.

Compliments about an Officer will be forwarded to their supervisor and considered for a pat on the back or formal recognition by the department.

The Clinton Police Department has formal procedures for investigating your complaint. These procedures attempt to ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizen and law enforcement officers.

Your complaint will be sent to a commanding officer or the Internal Affairs Officer who will conduct a thorough and objective investigation.

You will be notified by phone or mail, of the initiation of the investigation and will be provided contact information for the investigating officer.

You might be asked to help in the investigation by giving a detailed statement about what happened or providing other important information.

If the investigation shows that a crime might have been committed, the County Attorney will be notified and a subsequent criminal investigation will be handled by an outside agency. You may be asked to testify in court.

Internal Affairs investigations and name clearing hearings are personnel matters; thus, the details of the investigation or any resulting disciplinary action are strictly confidential.

It is unlawful to provide false information on this matter. If the information provided is determined to be false, you may be held liable under Senate File 457, The Officer Bill of Rights.

All complaints against law enforcement officers are thoroughly investigated. You will be advised in writing of the outcome of the investigation.

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Citizen Complaint or Compliment Form

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